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Biodegradable Paper Straws – Flat End 12mm x 210mm

Eco-friendly. Durable. Affordable. Welcome to the Future of Paper Straws!

Our environmentally conscious straws not only champion sustainability but also bring a delightful twist to your beverage experience.

🧃 2+ Hours Durable: Concerned about durability? Worry not! Our straws have passed the test, remaining sturdy for over 2 hours of underwater submersion after you’ve taken a sip.

🌟 Food Grade Certified: Rest assured, our paper straws are not only eco-friendly but also certified as Food Grade, meeting the highest safety and quality standards. This certification guarantees that our straws are safe for contact with food and beverages, providing you with a worry-free and enjoyable drinking experience.

Standard. (2,700 pcs/carton)
12 mm(d) x 210 mm(l)
Unit Price: RM0.08/straw (1.7 cents)

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Cartons [Negotiable]
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