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As the world looks for an alternative to swap out harmful plastic drinking straws, De Cans Cans has provided the perfect tool to meet the needs of straw users worldwide.
About De Cans Cans

De Cans Cans is the pioneer in South East Asia’s paper straw industry and it was established by its associate company, Sin Huat Press (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd. that certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, HACCP & ISO13485, etc and a production plant that features some of the most advanced packaging and administrative technologies that drives its abilities to surpass customer expectations echoed in its tremendous growth over the year.
In these times of increased awareness on Single-Use plastics and their impact on the environment, all efforts to reduce the impact of products on the environment are most welcome. Hence, De Cans Cans Service Sdn. Bhd. in its drive to increase its range of environmentally friendly compostable or biodegradable products has invested in several advanced paper straw machines with multi-blade cutting and winding systems and other ancillary equipment and specially constructed as production cleanroom that has effective contamination control facilities to manufacture environmentally friendly paper Drinking Straws. DCC now offers your businesses the opportunity to switch to using paper straws.

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